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  • 1 July 2020
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I’m new to Zapier and in trying to figure out how to integrate Eventbrite ticket purchases with a Zoom Meeting registrant I already emailed for assistance and was informed if I had a paid account, then it shouldn’t be a problem.


In searching the community conversations around this topic it sounds like this is NOT possible.


I purchased a plan specifically to do this; I need to create a ticket for 5 days or a full week event linking Eventbrite to Zoom.


Please help!  

  1. Is this possible?
  2. How to I make it happen?

Thank you!

4 replies

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Hi @Bethany - Thanks for writing to us today! So that I’m clear, are you trying to create a new Zoom Meeting registrant for a regular Zoom meeting room or a Zoom webinar? Currently, our systems allow you to Create Registrant for Zoom Webinars, which is an enhancement that you must purchase from Zoom to be enabled. Typically, Zoom webinars are not usually included in their price plans. Let me know!



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Thanks Steph.  I’m trying to register an Eventbrite registrant to a Zoom Meeting (NOT webinar) registrant.  I had to upgrade for both. 


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From the Zoom side of things, if you have a paid Zoom account, then you should be able to use the Create Meeting Registrant action. 


Is that the part that you’re having trouble with? Or is it the trigger? Eventbrite has a New Attendee Registered triggered - would that work in this case?  If so, then this Zap template should get you started. 


If you run into any trouble filling in the fields of the Zap, or you get an error message, then the Support Team will be able to take a closer look at the Zap for you. 



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Hi @Bethany!

I just wanted to check in with you to see if you’d managed to get things working, or whether you could still use some help here. Please let us know :)