Discord Bot unverified

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When I try to add the bot to my discord, it says it hasn’t been verified. Admins, is this something you can pass along?


Best answer by Danvers 19 October 2020, 15:21

Hi everyone!

As we currently have a couple of threads open related to the same bug, I’m closing this thread so that we can better track who is affected by this issue. 

If you would like to be added as an affected user for this issue, please go to the following post and reply there: Discord bot reached maximum number of servers

You can also use the Get Help form to contact the Support Team and ask them to add you as an affected user. You only need to reply to the above thread OR contact the Support team, please don’t do both!


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@admins - Second instance of this happening today.

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@Liz_Roberts here too

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Hi @randy - Thanks for reporting this bug. We’ve alerted the team of this error and they’re currently investigating this issue. You’ll be contacted directly once we implement a fix. Sorry for the trouble!

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Having this problem also

Also having this instance

I too am struggling with this. Please put me on the “email when it’s fixed” list too. :)

Bumping this.

Funny, I sent an email 2 days ago showing them that same error. Seems to have occurred at the same time?

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@hipp0 @jayve @justinjabs @River - you have been added to this report and will be notified via email with updates. Sorry you are running into this!

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This is been caused by a discord change. 

The "bot" now needs to be verified before it can be used on over 100 servers. If I'm reading that correctly.

Changes came into effect from the 8th of October 2020.


Link from error message  


Please email me too. I really want to connect google calender.

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@discordgeorge you have been added to this issue and will be notified with any updates!

Happening to me also, please add me to the updates notification

Same here..
Please add me to the updates notification.

Yeah same also here.

Maybe you can also add the possibility to add an custom Bot Account (with clientid, secret, redirecturl).

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Hi @BillyBanter @Cinnay1621 @GPR - you all have been added to this report! 

@GPR - thanks for sharing the idea- I suggest reaching out to our Support team so that they may look into this feature request!

it s happening the same to me, email me too

Please put me on the “email when it’s fixed” list too

Please add me to the list as well.

Me too please.

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@nachozr @KaiseR @Electronite @rmannen you have been added to this report and will receive any updates via email!

This is also happening to me so I am unable to add Zapier to my server

@nachozr @KaiseR @Electronite @rmannen you have been added to this report and will receive any updates via email!

Can  I also be added to receive an Update via email? 


Thank you


Hello Zapier team, I wonder if there are any updates on this?

hi @Liz_Roberts! please update me as well! need the discord bot in my MS teams asap. thank you.

I also have this problem. Email me, please.