Discord bot reached maximum number of servers

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I've tried numerous times to make a connection with Discord, but everytime I try to do so and grant alle the requested rights to the zapier bot, it returns an error message saying that “This bot has reached the maximum number of servers". I'm not sure what it means by that.

The only thing the documentation advices me to do, is allow the bot to set webhooks. Since the bot hasn't even managed to show up, I've temporarily given @everyone the right to manage webhooks. When that also didn't work I switched of all the permissions the zapier bot requested, save the webhook permission. And even that didn't work. 

I'm running out of ideas. How can I solve this problem?

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@Crimson Agents @thevolt6 @Jeremiah_Bell - you have also been added to the report and will receive updates via email. Sorry you all are encountering this!

I’m running into this issue as well. 

could you notify me on this e-amil? 

Could you notify me as well please? thanks

Hello @Liz_Roberts. I am also having this issue. Please notify me as well.


Hi Liz, please add me to the email report as well. I am experiencing the same issue.
Thanks in advance!

@Loreljia @Ver @tempestcards @Carlo Giu @architek1 - sorry you all are encountering this as well! I have added you all to the report as impacted users so that you will receive updates via email (be sure to keep an eye on your spam folder as well, just in case)!


Please add me as well. Thank you.

@Liz_Roberts I am also experiencing the same issue. Please add me to the email report. Thanks!

@Liz_Roberts I am having the same issue, please Notify me as well! @

I am facing the same issue.

I’d also like a notification to the email attached to my account. Thank you.

im having the same problem can you add me too?



im having the same problem can you add me too?

Thank you.


Hi, I’d like to be notified as well if possible.
Thanks a lot.

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@Liz_Roberts I know that you might be on fire with these issue and so the Zapier team, but could you kindly provide an ETA for it? Got some other paying services just hired to apply with Zapier and then this… will like to know if I shall at least cancel them for a month.

Are looking for days, weeks or maybe months..?


Much appreciated!


Subscribed - just encountered the same error trying this integration for the first time.

Please add me to the alert list as well. I have been trying to add the bot for about a week now for making a new zap and I keep getting the “this bot needs to be verified” message even though the bot is already in my server.. :|

pls notify me too

Could I also added to the list?
Any time horizon? Thanks

I would also like to be added to this list. Trying to add the bot to a new server of mine and getting the same error that everyone else is having.

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@WSI - Marketing Digital - I have added you as an impacted user!

Hi, same problem here…. please notify me when resolve it!!!!!!!! :(


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Hello Liz,


I am encountering the same issue and would like to be informed of when this is resolved.


I need to integrate Zapier and Discord, but unable to do so with this error.

Can you notify me as well i’m having the same problem

I am also having the same issue.  Can I also be notified when a fix is available?  Is there an ETA on this issue?  Thank you!