Conditionally setting field in Freshdesk ticket based on input stream

  • 29 July 2020
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We’re using Zapier to create a ticket in Freshdesk whenever a new row is added to a Google sheet,  A required field in Freshdesk is PRIORITY, with fixed value of Low (1), Medium (2), High (3) and Urgent (4).  We have a column in the sheet (rating) that is a proxy for this priority with possible values 1-10. When creating the Freshdesk ticket I would like to conditionally set the PRIORITY based on the data in that column, e.g. if rating is 1-3 set Priority to Low, if 4-6 Medium, etc.


I know I could do this with Paths in Zapier, but seems unnecessarily complex to create 4 different paths simply to set this one value correctly. We’re looking for a way to map / transform / manipulate the column value to appropriately set the Priority.  

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


1 reply

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Hi @BobR ,

Thanks for reaching out- happy to help!

A lookup table would be your best bet here! You would map the word High to 1, Medium to 2, Low to 3, etc. Then use the output of the lookup table as a custom value in your configuration. 

Check out this article on Lookup Tables to get started!