Should I post here or contact Zapier Support?

  • 9 February 2021
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Let’s make sure you find a solution to your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible :) 

Which questions should go to Zapier Support?

Our Support team can help with pretty much everything that the Community can, but here are some things they are uniquely equipped to handle.

Questions related to:

  • Account info (email address, notifications, etc)
  • Billing (downgrading, upgrading, refunds)
  • Requesting features or reporting bugs
  • Sales, procurement, security questionnaires, etc.

What’s best suited for the Zapier Community?

The Zapier Community is ideal for questions that:

  • Are outside the scope of our Support team, including questions about code, webhooks and developing on the Zapier platform. 
  • Could benefit from having a variety of suggestions/input from a group of people (workflows, for example).
  • Aren’t necessarily super pressing or time-sensitive. You may hear back from Support more quickly than from the Community, since we have Customer Champions around the globe whose job it is to respond to support requests.
  • You don’t mind having public, for anyone online to see. There may be times when you need to share personally identifiable information or screenshots of your account/apps. You’ll want to contact Support in that case :)

The Bottom Line

If you’re still not sure whether you should post here or get in touch with our Support team, then you may as well post to Community (since you’re already here). Better to ask here than to not get in touch with us at all!

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