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  • 12 March 2020
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Hello everyone,

We’re so excited to have you here and we wanted to introduce ourselves to you! Zapier’s Community team is currently a team of 4: Jesse, Danvers, Steph, and Liz. You’ll be seeing a lot of us around the forums so we wanted to take the time to give a bit of background and insight to who we are so y’all can get to know us better.


Jesse Parker, Head of Community

I have been at Zapier for over 6 years now and started as employee #8. It’s been thrilling to watch the company grow over the past several years and get to a point where we’re able to build a community around our favorite part of Zapier - our customers. While I’ve worn a lot of hats in a lot of different departments at Zapier (Support, Operations, Product, Customer Success, and building our Expert’s Program) I am the most excited about helping to foster and build relationships within this Community. I’ve seen Zapier connect innovators, makers, and business professionals from all over the world and enable them to bring their ideas to life. I am honored and humbled to have this experience and help build a space to connect some of the most brilliant minds on the internet.


Danvers, Community Manager

Hi folks! I’m Danvers, one of the Moderators here in the Community. I was born and raised in the UK (where I currently live) so you’ll probably see some ‘u’s slipping into words like colourful and favourite in my replies!

I’ve been at Zapier for a couple of years and worked as a Customer Champion before moving to the Community Team as the Community launched. I love helping users, and being a Community Moderator allows me to split my time between helping individuals and thinking of fun ways to inspire and encourage all users to find even more ways to automate their work.

I’m a fan of no-code solutions and my favorite questions are those that include a juicy workaround - probably using Google Sheets and a few Formatter steps!

I’m really excited to create a space where people can find answers to their Zapier questions, find inspiration and generally geek out about automation!


Steph Nakano, Community Manager

Hello everyone! I’m Steph. I’m thrilled to be able to join the Zapier Community as your community moderator. I’ve been lurking around, and I can see that everyone is as hyped as I am in our community. Some background about me, I’ve been a community manager for about eight years now. I’ve been at previous SaaS forum providers such as Huddler, and then at Wikia, which is now called Fandom. I focused on my love for helping others into a broad audience such as our community since I also love tech and am originally from Silicon Valley. I love working with communities as it gives me a chance to work individually with users, but to have that work be highly visible to help others who may be seeking the same answer. I hope to make Zapier’s Community a nexus of integrity, support, and unity for all users.

I hope to see you on the boards and look forward to reading all your posts.


Liz Roberts, Community Manager

Hi y’all! I’m Liz and I’m so excited to be joining Zapier at such a thrilling time. I joined the team in January as a community moderator and have been gearing up and popping into threads ever since.

A bit more about me: Originally from the mountains of North Carolina, I currently live in Charleston, SC with my husband, son and two spoiled dogs. Over the past 8 years, I have been focused on creating and growing virtual and in-person communities.

Most recently I was part of a Toronto-based advocate marketing SaaS company, Influitive and prior to that I worked at a cloud-based SaaS benefits management company, Benefitfocus, located in Charleston, SC.

I can’t wait to work with you all and continue to make Zapier Community a place for learning, support and inspiration for all Zapier users.


Nick Simard, Community Manager

Hey everybody! I’m Nick, one of the mods/community managers here. I currently live in British Columbia, Canada (recently moved back to my home country after a decade in California) with my wife, two boys and 3 dogs. 

Though I’m the newest member of the Community team (joined in April of 2020), I’ve been at Zapier for about 5 years now. During that time I’ve been a Customer Champion — including on our Premier Support team — and also a part of our Customer Success team. This role in Community allows me to blend all of my skills and interests (like coming up with neat workflows and workarounds). 

One of my main functions on the team is to manage our content strategy and I look forward to getting y’all hooked up with informative and entertaining articles. This community is just getting started and I can’t wait to see where we can take it this year and in the years to come :)

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Hi all!

Excited to explore the new community - great work on the migration, I know that couldn’t have been an easy task.

Keep up the awesome work! :slight_smile: